Arthur Bispo Do Rosário

Arthur Bispo do Rosário was a Brazilian artist who spent fifty years confined to the attic of a psychiatric institution. His art, which he saw as a spiritual journey rather than the product of pure creativity, proved to be his salvation argue people such as Rajesh Punj. 

Scraps of paper, litter, and other types of material became the basic materials for a series of objects that do Rosário created at the Hospício Nacional dos Alienados

My first impression of his work was very 'caveman-like'. Something that the Victorian era kids would think of as toys. There is a lot of child feel when I look at this artists work. Some include small swings, ping pong pallets or scout badges.
When I look at his work, I see materials such as string, cloth, tape, wooden blocks and other scrap material.

When I was little, I always used to experiment in a similar way that the artist did. I would go outside, look for random items on streets and put them together in various ways. I would make stick animals or use string and sticks to make fishing rods. I think that strongly links with the artist and is one of the reasons I want to include him in my work. Mainly because he uses various materials which is what I want to do in my final piece.

When I look at this artwork I constantly refer back to thinking of toys and fun. Back in time, they used to sell such items in boxes as toy kids. I have analysis of that in my gallery response in here V & A Visit
I really like how the artist has created items out of scraps. This is something no other artist I researched did and I find it very original even if it is childish. Howard Hodgkin did childish paintings, but they didn't set me to the same mood as this artist did.

The artwork sets a playful mood. When looking directly at it, you want to touch the artwork and explore it with your hands. It might be just my way of thinking because I'm really into such crafts, but I do feel like this artwork is something special and even significant towards me in person.

I think the big challenge for the artist was finding all of these materials. It must have been extremely hard having to cope in his situation all alone. I probably might have done the same in his situation as I really like crafting and it's something that I do on every day basis.

The artist created these artworks in thought that they would be his salvation. They really saved him and now the artist is famous for believing in himself that the art will free him.


The artist links with my work due to the materials used and also the items he created. The materials such as strings and cloth constantly appear in my work and I will be including them in my final piece. The items themselves that the artist created are actually a form of memory. The whole process of him creating these artworks is a memory itself. He had believing thoughts in himself through the whole process and I think this is now a form of experience he can go back to and this creates a great, but sad memory.

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  1. I am very glad that you have decided to include Bispo do Rosario as I think there are several links with how he works and your art practice.

    I know that you made studies of his work while at the V and A and these should be included on either this post or the visit post.

    Also check out this interesting video which you may find interesting: