Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol  born August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987 was an artist born in America who lead the movement of Visual art known as pop art. His field of experimantation was Printmaking, painting, cinema and photography.  After his successful career in the field of commercial illustrating, Warhol became a renowned and sometimes controversial artist who even got a Museum opened just for his artwork. It was named 'The Andy Warhol Museum' located in his hometown Pittsburgh.

Styles & Techniques

Warhol had a very wide range of art which didn't focus on a specific field. He created pop-art as an early stage of his career. It was a 'cartoon-like' style where he drew an object using straight lines and simple color without tones. Some of his most popular pieces were 'Campbell's Soup I (1968)' and 'Velvet Underground album cover'. Other than paintings or photographs, he was also a collector. He gather items and created time capsules where each month, he would gather items and put them into a card box. Altogether, he had over 600 boxes which made it his largest collection. 
The Time Capsules are Warhol’s largest collecting project, in which he saved source material for his work and an enormous record of his own daily life. Warhol began creating his Time Capsules in 1974 after relocating his studio. He recognized that cardboard boxes used in the move were an efficient method for dealing with all of his “stuff.” Warhol selected items from the daily flood of correspondence, magazines, newspapers, gifts, photographs and business records.

'Campbell's Soup I (1968)' is a historically significant painting. It was used in articles at the times at Andy Warhol.

My first impression was a thought of this image coming from a cartoon which is partly true since it is a 'pop art' field. I liked it since it's simple and isn't drawn in realistic form. I prefer to see such aimges drawn with line and simple color.

This type of work might reflect on some of the items in my time capsule as many drawings I did were cartoon-like and not so much of realistic drawings.

 I feel like this will have a huge influence on my project of memories as creating a time capsule is all about sealing a memory into a box so that one day it can be opened again. I want to do that with my own one and see what type of items I will collect and how it will feel once I go back to it in a few years time. Some of the items I want to collect are simply drawings and toys that always make a mess in my room as I have nowhere to put them. The time capsule might be a solution for making my room clean and take some of the best memories that I have within it. My box file - Link

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